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SSL and Harrison Plug-in Downloads

Updated 05/07/2023. For compatibility please see Plug-in compatibility.

To easily install and update your your plug-ins, we recommend using the new SSL Download Manager for macOS and Windows. Click here to find out more. Scroll down for offline installers.

The plugins available here are the latest versions. For legacy versions please see Legacy plugin downloads and Duende Native downloads.

The AAX version number is included for reference only; the AU and VST3 versions may be lower.

These plug-ins have native support for Apple silicon (M/ARM) and do not require Rosetta.

SSL Plug-ins (360°-enabled)

SSL 360°-Enabled plug-ins are controllable via the SSL 360° Plug-in Mixer and have first-class integration with the UF1, UF8 and UC1 hardware controllers.

Plug-in Platform
4K E V1.0.13 Mac Windows
4K B v1.4.10 Mac Windows
Channel Strip 2 v2.4.10 Mac Windows
Meter v1.2.3 Mac Windows
Bus Compressor 2 v1.3.4 Mac Windows


SSL Plug-ins

Plug-in Platform
Plate Verb macOS Windows
Fusion HF Compressor macOS v1.1.8 Windows
Fusion Stereo Image macOS v1.1.13 Windows
Fusion Transformer macOS v1.1.8 Windows
Fusion Vintage Drive macOS v1.1.10 Windows
Fusion Violet EQ macOS v1.1.9 Windows

G3 MultiBusComp

macOS v1.0.12 Windows


macOS v1.0.21 Windows


macOS v1.0.10 Windows 1.0.5
Drumstrip macOS v6.6.15 Windows
FlexVerb macOS V6.6.14 Windows
DeEss macOS V1.1.11 Windows V1.1.8
Guitarstrip macOS v1.1.9 Windows
LMC+ macOS v1.1.16 Windows
Vocalstrip 2 macOS v6.6.10 Windows
X-Comp macOS V6.6.7 Windows
X-Delay macOS V1.1.6 Windows
X-Echo macOS V6.6.10 Windows
X-EQ 2 macOS V6.6.3 Windows
X-Limit macOS v1.0.31 Windows
X-Phase macOS V6.6.6 Windows
X-Saturator macOS V6.6.2 Windows
X-ValveComp macOS V6.6.13 Windows
X-Gate macOS v1.0.46 Windows

Harrison Plug-ins

Plug-in Platform
Bass Flow Mac Windows Linux
Drum Flow Mac Windows Linux
32 Bus Mac Windows Linux
MPC Spectral Compressor Mac Windows Linux
De-Esser Mac Windows Linux

Vocal Intensity Processor


Windows Linux
Vocal Flow Mac Windows Linux
FasTrack Mac Windows Linux
Multi Band Compressor Mac  Windows Linux

MPC Compressor

Mac Windows Linux

MPC Channel Strip

Mac Windows Linux

Micro Glide

Mac Windows Linux

Mastering EQ

Mac Windows Linux

Legacy EQ

Mac Windows Linux