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Plug-in Downloads

Updated - 01/03/2023

For system compatibility please see Plug-in OS Compatibility.

All plug-ins have Native support for Apple silicon (M1/ARM) for the VST, VST3 and AU and AAX formats. Please note that the AAX version number is listed but the AU and VST3 versions are at a lower number. All versions available here are the current versions.

360°-enabled Plug-ins

Plugins Platform
4K B v1.2.11 Mac Windows
Channel Strip 2 v2.2.7 Mac Windows
SSL Meter v1.0.13 Mac Windows
Bus Compressor V1.2.3 Mac Windows


SSL Plug-ins


Plugin Platform
Fusion HF Compressor Plug-In V1.1.3 macOS v1.1.8 Windows
Fusion Stereo Image Plug-In v1.1.7 macOS v1.1.13 Windows
Fusion Transformer Plug-In V1.1.3 macOS v1.1.8 Windows
Fusion Vintage Drive Plug-In V1.1.4 macOS v1.1.10 Windows
Fusion Violet EQ Plug-In V1.1.3 macOS v1.1.9 Windows

SubGen V1.0.15

macOS v1.0.21 Windows

Blitzer V1.0.10

macOS v1.0.10 Windows 1.0.5
Drumstrip V6.6.10 macOS v6.6.15 Windows
FlexVerb V6.6.14 macOS Windows
DeEss V1.1 macOS V1.1.11 Windows V1.1.8
Guitarstrip V1.0.9 macOS v1.1.9 Windows
LMC+ V1.1.9 macOS v1.1.16 Windows
Vocalstrip 2 V6.6.6 macOS v6.6.10 Windows
X-Comp V6.6.7 macOS Windows
X-Delay V1.1.6 macOS Windows
X-Echo V6.6.10 macOS Windows
X-EQ 2 V6.6.3 macOS Windows
X-Limit V1.0.8 macOS v1.0.31 Windows
X-Phase V6.6.6 macOS Windows
X-Saturator V6.6.2 macOS Windows
X-ValveComp V6.6.13 macOS Windows
X-Gate V1.0.30 macOS v1.0.46 Windows