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SSL 360° FAQ

SSL 360° system requirements for UF8 and UC1

SSL 360° software must be installed on your computer to use UF8 and UC1.

Some 360° functions will work without the hardware.

SSL 360° is available from the downloads page.

SSL 360° is compatible with the following systems:

For current information see here Plug-in OS Compatibility

  • 2.4 GHz or higher Intel 3rd Gen Core i5 (or comparable AMD) CPU
  • 8 GB RAM or more
  • Internet for software updates from the SSL 360° app
  • Windows 8.x is not compatible
  • Windows 7 is not supported and is end of life as of 2020


Can’t use the Windows key when SSL 360 is open

Symptoms: pressing the Windows key doesn’t open the start menu when SSL 360 is in focus 

SSL 360 captures the Windows key, so that you can create a custom keyboard shortcut and assign it to the UF8 control surface.

For this reason, the Windows key will not open the Windows start menu while the SSL 360 application is in focus. 


Can SSL 360° be used to control other SSL products? 


SSL 360° is our new software platform and UF8 is the first product to work with SSL 360°.

Nucleus 2, Matrix, Duality, and AWS consoles will continue to use the existing Remote applications.


Can I mix and match VST3s, VSTs and/or AU plug-in types in my DAW?

No – the Plug-in Mixer system hooks into special VST 3 extensions in order to ‘pull through’ the track names and track number from the DAW in the case of Cubase, Live and Studio One. 


Multi-Mono Plug-ins - UC1 and the SSL 360° Plug-in Mixer

Installers for multi-mono Channel Strip 2 and Bus Compressor 2 plug-ins are provided as they always have been with SSL Native plug-ins.


However, it is important to note the following restrictions in terms of their compatibility in the Plug-in Mixer (and UC1):


Logic - Multi-mono plug-ins are not supported in the Plug-in Mixer - this is because we are currently unable to retrieve the DAW track name.


Pro Tools - Multi-mono plug-ins can be used but control is restricted to the left-hand 'leg' only.