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Fader calibration issues after SSL 360° update

UF8 and UF1 calibration issues can include audible motor noise. Fortunately, a firmware reset usually resolves this. Firmware is within the 360 app. What you have to do is cycle the firmware by downgrading and updating 360 like this:

  1. Install a previous 360 full 1.x version, for example 1.5, from SSL 360° downloads.
  2. Perform the firmware update to your hardware whilst running 360 1.5 when prompted; test for correct operation at this lower version.
  3. Use the green button within 360 to update back to the latest 360 and perform the firmware update again.

If the issue persists, please do the following:

  1. Firstly, just repeat the process. It may work the second or third time.
  2. Please use the working firmware version in the mean time. To be notified of future releases, create a support profile and follow SSL 360° downloads or turn on notifications in your SSL account.
  3. Export the 360 report, a video, the serial number, and receipt if in warranty and send to SSL for review.