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SSL2/2+ Firmware Factory Reset

If you have been experiencing unwanted side effects of activating the loop-back feature of your SSL2/2+ and wish to reset the firmware of your unit then follow this procedure.

We recommend that you only do this to SSL2 and SSL 2+.This is not a tool for BiG SiX, Connex or SSL 12.



  1. Download this folder SSL USB Audio Factory Reset
  2. Ensure that the device is that you wish reset is connected to the computer.
  3. Run the BAT file named info
  4. Check that the unit is seen 

    you will not see a serial number but if it appears in this list then it is seen. Pres any Key to make this window disappear
  5. Once you can confirm that this is the unit that you wish to reset run the revertfactory BAT file. Once this file has finished running the screen should look like this 

    note the change in the rev column this is now reset to the original factory firmware and you can press any key to close this window.


Start the update and when you get this message;


Pull the cable from the back of the unit (I know this is counter intuitive to everything that is told about updating units but trust me here).
wait for the programmer to finish and close it. 
Plug the 2+ back in, when the power or connection to the unit is interrupted during update the unit should fall back on the original firmware that it shipped with.
By pulling the power and connection you are forcing the revert to factory on the unit. once the unit is connected run the firmware updater to check the version you should be back on V0.61.