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62A016X1 FPGA Card Removal - XL-Desk


This document details the procedure to remove and replace the Power Distribution Card (SSL Partcode 62A014X1) in the SSL XL Desk Console.

You will need the following tools to complete this procedure:

  • 4mm hex driver or Allen key
  • Pozidrive PZ1 screwdriver
  • Pozidrive PZ0 screwdriver
  • ESD wrist strap


 Caution: Electrostatic Discharge
Electrostatic discharge (ESD) damage can occur when assemblies are improperly handled and may result in intermittent or complete failure. Always use an ESD grounding strap when handling static-sensitive assemblies.

To avoid the risk of electric shock the power cable must be completely removed from the console before attempting this procedure.



  1. Using a 4mm hex driver, remove both side trims by unscrewing the hex head screws shown in the image below.


  1. To remove the top trim, first use a Pozidrive PZ1 screwdriver to undo 4 screws from the back panel, see image below.



Then use a Pozidriv PZ0 screwdriver to remove the three screws from the underside front of the top trim, see image below.


Lift the top trim clear of the console and store in a safe location.


  1. Remove the screws holding in the steel fan plate in place.


Be aware of the fan connections, in the image below, when removing the plate that should now be lifted out of place.


  1. To remove the Meter Panel assembly (SSL Partcode 62A017X1), use a Pozidrive PZ0 to remove the 4 screws holding Meter Panel in place. To remove the panel, tip forward from the top and lay it carefully on the console surface.


Unplug the end of smaller ribbon cable labelled 66C73223 (marked in red in the image) from the 62A016X1 card, leaving the other end in the Meter Panel (62A017X1).


Remove the ribbon cable labelled 66C73206 (marked in green in the image) from the 62A017X1 card and leave resting in the console.


Remove the Meter panel from the surface.


  1. Unplug all remaining ribbon cables from the 62A016X1 card and fold carefully through the opening for the Meter Panel.


  • Remove these three screws from the 62A016X1 mounting plate and remove the mounting plate and 62A016X1 from the console.