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iLok, Licensing and Activation FAQ

What is iLok?

iLok License Manager

iLok License Manager is a free license management software, and is used by many iLok-protected plugins and VSTs - including the SSL plug-ins.

Note: you do NOT need an iLok USB dongle to use SSL plug-ins.

You'll need to create an iLok account and download iLok License Manager in order to use our plug-ins. It's easy to get started. Head over to the iLok website and create an iLok account if your don't have one already:

Whats the difference between iLok, iLok USB and iLok License Manager?

iLok is a software licensing platform.

iLok USB
An iLok USB dongle is an optional USB dongle for storing and transporting software licenses.

USB type-C and USB type-A dongles are available to buy from the iLok website.

iLok License Manager (required)
iLok License Manager is iLok's free software for managing license authorisations.

iLok License Manager screenshot


How do I get my license?

Once you have created an iLok Account, your license must be deposited to this account before you can start using it. Depending on the code you received after purchase, you either need to register your code to your SSL Account, or redeem it to your iLok Account. Please read the instructions below.


If you bought my plug-in via the SSL eStore...

If you purchased your SSL plug-in via the SSL eStore, it will have been automatically registered to your SSL Account and deposited directly to your iLok account during the checkout process. It will appear in ‘My Products’. You do not need to register it manually. 

If you bought your plug-in via a third-party dealer (e.g. Sweetwater, Plugin Boutique)...

If you purchased your software via a third-party dealer, then you will have received a license/activation code. You must register or redeem your license/activation code before you can use your SSL software.

Depending on your code, you must register it to your SSL Account, or redeem it in iLok License Manager. Please identify what type of code you have, and then follow the instructions below.

  1. SSL Software License Code = 1234567-1331-1234-1AB123CD
  2. PACE Activation Code = 1234-1234-1234-1234-1234-1234-1234-12


Registering an SSL Software License Code

SSL Software License codes look like this:

  1. Go to
  2. Sign-in or create an SSL Account.
  3. Click 'Register Software'.
  4. Fill out the form and click Submit. Please wait patiently for your license to be deposited.


    What do I need to fill out?
    • 'Software License Code': the license code that looks like '1234567-1331-1234-1AB123CD'. You should have received this from the third-party dealer, usually in an email. Please contact your dealer if you cannot find this code.
    • 'iLok User ID': your iLok User ID. This is sometimes the same as your email. Please double-check your iLok User ID before your click submit. You can find your iLok User ID in iLok License Manager

Redeeming a PACE Activation Code

PACE Activation Codes look like this:

  1. Download and install iLok License Manager.
  2. Go to Licenses > Redeem Activation Code.

  3. Copy and paste your Activation Code in, and click next.
  4. Follow the onscreen instructions.

For more information, see the Redeeming a License Code FAQ on the official iLok support site.


How do I activate my plug-in license?

Once you have registered or redeemed your product and the license has been deposited to your iLok Account, then you can proceed with activating your license.


How many times can I activate a license?

Every SSL plug-in comes with 2x activations.

This means that you can use your SSL plug-ins simultaneously in two locations at once.

For example, you might use one activation on your studio computer and activate the other on your laptop. Or your might use one activation on your studio computer, and activate the other to an iLok USB so you can carry it with you.


Activating your licence

Plug-ins purchased on the SSL Web Store are deposited directly into your iLok account.

If you do not see licenses you have just purchased, you may have used your email address instead of your iLok ID at time of order. Submit a ticket with a screenshot of your iLok License Manager to correct this.

SSL Native plug-ins v6.2 and earlier can only use the iLok 2 or 3 Smart Key location. Machine location was added for plug-ins after SSL Native v6.3.

1. Plug iLok into the machine that you want the licenses to based on.
2. Log into iLok License Manager.
3. Go to your available licenses.



4. Select the licenses you wish to activate.



5. Right Click on those licenses and select Activate. Then choose your desired location by clicking on that location in the window below:



6. Select Activate. You have now activated to your preferred location.

Please note that Delta Control must be on iLok 2 dongle or higher.