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Connex, iOS and Android

SSL Connex is not officially supported on iOS or Android, however, SSL Connex is a class compliant USB audio interface and should work with any device that supports class compliant devices. Additional cables/adaptor kits and an external power source may also be required to connect SSL Connex to iOS/Android devices.


To connect to a Lightning-based* iPad you may need the following:

  • The supplied USB cable
  • Apple Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter
  • A powered USB hub (unlike a computer, an iPad does not supply power) - this hub must be capable of delivering 5V and more than 0.5A

Some newer iPads are USB-C instead of Lightning. In that case, the camera adapter may not apply

Connect in the following order:

  1. SSL to USB hub.
  2. USB hub to the Apple camera adaptor.
  3. iPad power to Apple camera adaptor.
  4. Camera adaptor to iPad.

*We have tested a direct connection to an iPad Pro 2020 and successfully recorded audio into Garageband. As such we expect iPad models that support reverse charging with a USB-C connector to work with Connex.