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Installing SSL Connex on Windows 8.1

As of 31/10/2022 Windows 8.1 is no longer officially supported. SSL provides a legacy driver to provide compatibility to customers who need to continue using this version of OS at their own risk.

Plug the Connex into a USB Port directly to the computer. This will be the only port that Connex will work with and the unit must remain connected for the duration of the driver installation.
    1.  Download the Windows 8.1 Connex driver
    2. On your Computer, press the Windows key and select Search from the list or start to type.
    3. Type “startup options” to start searching for programs. Click on “Change advanced startup options”
    4. Click on “Restart Now” under “Advanced Startup”

    5. Click on “Troubleshoot”

    6. Click on “Advanced Options”

    7. Click “Restart”

    8. Press 7 or F7 on your keyboard to disable driver signing

    9. Windows will now reboot without driver signature enforcement.
    10. Open the driver installer and follow the on screen prompts to complete the installation.