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In some DAWs, the SOLO and CUT buttons directly control the DAW's Solo and Mute buttons. In others, the soloing system is independent


SOLO AND CUT linked to DAW
(Must use VST3 format)
SOLO AND CUT independent of DAW
Live  Pro Tools
Studio One  Logic Pro
LUNA v1.4.6 and above  


For DAWs whereby the SOLO and CUT integration is independent (not linked to the DAW), this is how it works:

SOLO - Cuts the output of all other channel strip plug-ins in the session.

CUT - Cuts the output of the channel strip plug-in.

SAFE - Prevents the plug-in from being cut in response to another channel strip in
the session having its SOLO activated. Useful for when channel strips are inserted
onto Aux/Bus tracks within the session. This button does not function in DAWs where
SOLO and CUT are linked to the DAW.

SOLO CLEAR Clears any active channel strip solos. 


Recommended Workflow when SOLO and CUT are independent of DAW:

1. Insert a channel strip plug-in on all tracks in your DAW session.
2. Make sure to engage the SOLO SAFE button on channel strips that have been
inserted onto Auxes/Busses/Sub Groups/Sub Mixes. This will ensure that you
hear individual instruments that are routed to these destinations when you start

SOLO SAFE prevents a channel strip from being cut when another channel strip's SOLO is activated

SOLO CLEAR Clears any active channel strip solos.