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LUNA - Plug-in Mixer/UC1 Order Issues (LUNA v1.4.5 and below)

If you are using LUNA v1.4.5 (which only supports AU plug-ins) and below you may encounter the following issue. However, if you are using LUNA v1.4.5 and above, this issue should be resolved because LUNA supports VST3 versions of 360°-enabled plug-ins that automatically follow the order of your LUNA tracks. Using exclusively VST3s is now the recommended workflow.

Check out this FAQ for more info


Issue in LUNA 1.4.5 and below

Moving Channel Strip 2 or 4K B plug-in to a different insert slot when that track is selected in the Plug-in Mixer/on UC1 causes Plug-in Mixer track ordering to get messed up. To fix, you must remove the offending plug-in. To avoid, make sure if you are re-ordering tracks in LUNA, the one you are dragging to a new position isn’t the selected instance in the Plug-in Mixer/on UC1.