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I’m a UC1 owner – how do I get the 4K B plug-in?

4K B is available for free in perpetuity to all UC1 owners. Please follow the steps below to redeem your copy of the 4K B plug-in


  1. Log into your SSL account at
  2. Ensure you’ve registered your UC1 hardware. Refer to the FAQs to find out how to register your UC1 hardware if necessary.
  3. Click on ‘Get Your Additional Software’ on your registered UC1.
  4. Enter your iLok User ID into the ‘Validate Your iLok Account’ form, as shown here.
  5. Click ‘Validate’.
  6. If valid, the button will change to say ‘DEPOSIT’. If you see an error, please check your iLok User ID is correct.
  7. Click 'DEPOSIT’ and the license will be deposited to your iLok account.
  8. Open up iLok License Manager to activate the license to your preferred location – either a physical iLok, or a machine.