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G-Compressor Voltage change

If you are going from a 110v unit to a 230v unit then this is process you need to do this with damaging the unit.


  1. Unplug the unit and ensure it isolated from any power supply
  2. Use a flat headed screwdriver to lever the Voltage selector cover out of place20220629_132104.jpg20220629_132115.jpg
  3. Once the cover is open locate the voltage selector board on the right side and remove from the unit.20220629_132129.jpg
  4. lay the board on the desk and take note of where the white plastic clip and the voltage level indicator
    This one is set to 240V (canbe used for all 220v and 230v areas)20220629_132217.jpgThis one is set to 120V (can be used for 110v)20220629_132243.jpg
  5. Push back into the unit and take note of where white in is sticking into indicating selected voltage
  6. 20220629_135157.jpg