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The Bus+ FAQ

Is this the original SSL Bus Compressor design? 

Yes, beneath all the new features is the same legendary Bus Compressor circuit design. 


Are the pots stepped or continuous on THE BUS+? 

All the pots are stepped. Depending on the control, some have 11-positions, others have 31-positions. 


What is the D-EQ? 

An all-new 2 band parallel analogue Dynamic Equaliser, with a sidechain that is based on the Bus Compressor’s design. 


Can I connect this to a computer and control it with a plug-in? 

Remote control is not a feature of Bus+.  


Is there any Total Recall storage on-board? 

No, recall is quick and simple due to the stepped nature of the unit's controls.


How do I change the Frequency and Range of the Dynamic EQ bands? 

Press and hold on the desired band e.g. ‘LF’ control. The meter’s backlight pulses and you can adjust the Frequency and Range using the ‘+’ and ‘–’ switches in the centre of THE BUS+. 


When I power cycle THE BUS+, does it come back with the same settings? 

Absolutely – it comes back exactly how you left it, remembering all switches and D-EQ Frequency and Range settings. 


Is Bus+ an analogue or digital unit?

The Bus+ is a digitally controlled analogue device, bringing many advantages to the table such as clean electronic switching, immunity from pot tolerances and exemplary analogue performance & stereo matching and precision in manual recall of settings


Could I use THE BUS+ on individual instruments and stems, instead of on my Mix Bus or Drum Bus? 

Absolutely! It sounds great on lots of different individual sources and stems too. 


Is THE BUS+ ‘mastering grade’/ can it be used for Mastering? 

Yes, not only does THE BUS+ have stepped pots, it has exemplary analogue performance, superior stereo matching and a -5 dB input trim setting is available to provide optimal Threshold management with very loud source material, which gives a better Threshold range for Mastering engineers. 


How much rack unit space does THE BUS+ occupy? 

It’s a 2U piece of equipment. 


I’ve heard you can unlock a Transient Expander feature, is this true? 

Yes – to unlock the Transient Expander, you must win a game of ‘Code-Break Master’, that is built into THE BUS+. The game is reminiscent of a well-known classic board game. See the User Guide for more information. You can also find a ‘cheat code’ to bypass the game in the User Guide. 


Is there a front panel power switch? 

No, the power switch accompanies the IEC on the rear panel. However, there are 2 sleep modes: Manual Sleep (accessed from the front panel) and Auto-Sleep (configured in the Settings menu). Manual sleep is activated by pressing and holding CH 1 IN and CH 2 IN buttons together. When put into manual sleep, the unit draws less than 1 Watt, almost as good as powering it off :) 


Is the SSL G-Comp 500-series Module still available?