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Live SOLSA Downloads

Remote Control & Offline Setup Software

SOLSA (SSL On/Off Line Setup Application) is a standalone version of Live console software. It is designed for both offline project set up and configuration and online real-time remote control of consoles. SOLSA is a fantastic way for anybody to explore and learn about SSL Live. 

Clicking on the software links below will initiate an End User Licence Agreement pop-up. Select 'Agree & Download' to start the download. Please read all instructions carefully prior to commencing an update of your system.

  • V5.2.29 SOLSA Installer and Documentation
  • V5.2.18 SOLSA Installer and Documentation
  • V5.1.14 SOLSA Installer and Documentation
  • V5.1.6 SOLSA Installer and Documentation
  • V5.0.13 SOLSA Installer and Documentation
  • V4.11.18 SOLSA Installer and Documentation
  • V4.10.17 SOLSA Installer and Documentation


Information below is current for the latest release of SOLSA. Detailed requirements for legacy versions can be found in the relevant documentation included in the download packages. 

Note that it is no longer necessary to have an active internet connection to authenticate a first time SOLSA installation on a computer.

Supported Operating Systems

Microsoft Windows 10 64-bit or Windows 11 operating system. Installations of the Windows operating systems listed above may be run on Intel-based Apple Mac computers using a multi-boot utility such as Bootcamp or virtual environments such as Parallels. The hardware requirements listed below still apply to these environments.

Note that the Windows Data Protection API implementation means a new installation of Windows on the same PC will not be able to decrypt data from a previous install. For example, DDM or SNMP passwords will need to be input again after Windows reinstallation.


• Recommended minimum of 16 GB RAM
• 2.6 GHz Dual core CPU or higher
• 200 MB hard disk space
• Minimum screen resolution of 1280 x 1024 recommended


This version of SOLSA requires that .NET V4.7.2 or later is installed on your Windows machine.