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Matrix General FAQ



Will Matrix work as a controller for my DAW software?

Matrix can control any DAW application that supports Mackie Control Universal, Mackie HUI, or MIDI CC protocols.

Most DAW applications support at least one of these protocols. Please check with your DAW developer for details.

HUI is much more limited in support than MCU. Pro Tools, Reaper, and Studio One can support HUI. Most other applications support MCU.

If your DAW does not have a specific SSL profile, chances are it will work with any MCU-based profile.


What DAW software is supported by Matrix?

The Matrix can be used with DAW software that conform to the MCU or HUI control surface protocols.

The mapping of physical Matrix controls to DAW software functions is determined by the selected 'profile'.

Matrix comes with default profiles for Apple Logic Pro, Avid Pro Tools and Steinberg Cubase/Nuendo.

These profiles are available for download from:

Matrix Documents

For more information on the default profiles and on how to create your own please see Chapter 6 of the Matrix Owner's Manual.


What is the Matrix's Remote?

The Matrix Remote is a Java application that runs on both PC and Mac (OSX only). It is used to manage Total Recall setups, assigning outboard processing to the channel strips via the integrated signal router, and configuring the DAW control soft keys and keystroke macros. It can run on the same host computer as the workstation software or on a separate computer.


Does Matrix have touch sensitive faders?

Matrix features 17 touch-sensitive, motorized Alps faders, including 16 channel faders and one master fader with switchable focus mode. Switchable focus mode means that the master fader can be used for overall control of the analogue mixing channels, or to control any channel of your DAW, regardless of the current layer selection for the other faders.


Does Matrix have automation?

Although Matrix does not include a stand alone analogue automation system, the 16 analogue channels can be remote controlled via MIDI Volume messages (CC7). Creating 16 additional MIDI tracks in the current DAW project integrates full level control of the 16 analogue channels receiving the mix elements that Matrix is summing for the final mix master. The faders of these MIDI tracks are used to input level data in real time and control the analogue channels. The level data received from the DAW tracks can wither replace or trim the analogue channel levels set via the Matrix channel faders.


How many FX sends does Matrix have?

Matrix has 6 FX sends, a stereo send together with 2 independent mono sends each with a choice of two FX busses.


Does Matrix have Total Recall?

Yes. The status of Matrix's analogue controls can be stored and recalled. The recall of stored settings is compared with the current settings using front panel LEDs to show which controls do not match. Additionally, up to four SSL X-Rack units can be connected to Matrix allowing their TR data to be saved as part of the Matrix TR session.


Does the Matrix have A/D D/A convertors?

Matrix has one digital I/O pair available as XLR AES format and SPDIF optical TOSLINK connectors.
The input type can be selected via the front panel soft keys to be fed from the REC bus, Mix bus or the Pre Monitor pot signal.


Does Matrix have talkback facilities?

Yes, Matrix has a built-in talkback microphone.
Press and hold the ARTIST button to send the talkback signal to the artist’s monitor feed.
The talkback function can also be assigned to one of the two Matrix foot switch inputs for external control.


Is the Matrix power supply auto ranging?

The console's power supplies will autosense and operate with a supply voltage between 90 - 250V AC.


How much power does Matrix consume?

Typical power consumption is 110W.


Should I use a UPS power conditioner with my Matrix?

SSL do not recommend UPS power conditioning with consoles.

The Matrix should be powered directly from a mains outlet.

Many UPS produce a stepped output, rather that a true sinusoidal output, which can cause problems with the console power supply.

You would need to confirm you have a true sinusoidal output, and some UPS still sag briefly when power is lost, which may cause console power issues.


Does the ground pin need to be connected?

The ground pin only needs to be connected if there is no adequate grounding via the mains connection.


Does Matrix have any cooling fans?

No. Matrix is convection cooled requiring no internal fans.


Does Matrix require a MIDI interface?

No. Matrix communicates with the DAW via Ethernet eliminating the need for a MIDI interface and cabling.