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UF8 Compatibility

DAWs Compatible With UF8

UF8 uses the HUI and Mackie Control (MCU) protocols to communicate with various DAWs.

UF8 DAWs with Dedicated HUI/MCU Supported Profiles

These DAWs have dedicated profiles for UF8 in SSL 360° software. Please consult the SSL Tutorial Videos on our YouTube page or the SSL UF8 User Guide for detailed information on their functionality.
We only officially test with the most recent versions of each DAW software available at the time of the corresponding SSL 360° release. In most cases, previous versions will also work fine.

It’s always recommended to be working with the latest major version and maintenance release of thes DAW.

  • Pro Tools
  • Logic Pro
  • Cubase*
  • Live
  • Studio One

*Please note that Nuendo will also work and has a few additional MCU commands that are detailed in the UF8 User Guide. However, the Nuendo fader-scale is different to Cubase and as such the top of the range cannot be reached on UF8.


UF8 DAW's Without Dedicated HUI/MCU Profiles

The following DAW's have been known to work with UF8 but do not have dedicated profiles within SSL 360°.

Some of these DAWs may have had light testing or no testing. Please note that while basic functions may work you may experience issues with more advanced functions.

Any DAW that supports MCU or HUI should have some basic functionality.


Blackmagic Davinci Resolve

To set up a Mackie Controller in DaVinci Resolve:

  •  Navigate to DaVinci Resolve -> Preferences -> Control Panels tab
  • Make sure ‘use MIDI audio console’ is checked
  • Under ‘MIDI Protocol’, select either HUI or MCU, depending on your chosen DAW mode in SSL 360 (see below)
  • Select your MIDI Port Source and Destination based on the port used in SSL 360o (DAW Layer 1 = Port 1, DAW Layer 2 = Port 5, DAW Layer 3 = Port 9)
  • If UF8 does not sync to the DAW, restart Davinci Resolve

SSL 360° Profile Options and Working Features:


MCU (Recommended)– SSL 360° set to Logic Profile

· Fader control (though silkscreen values do not match)

· Left-Right Panning

· Transport control

· Select, Solo and Cut functions

· Navigation and Focus mode of the Channel Encoder

· All Automation modes


HUI - SSL 360o set to Pro Tools Profile

· Fader Control (though silkscreen values do not match)

· Left-Right Panning

· Transport control

· Select, Solo and Cut functions

· Focus mode of the Channel Encoder

· Navigation mode of the Channel Encoder moves the curser through the timeline


Universal Audio LUNA 

In SSL 360° choose 'Logic' as the profile.

Requires LUNA 1.2 or above


For more information visit our UF8 and LUNA FAQ.


All essential controls are available, including Faders, Transport, Automation, Bus Spill, Zooming.

V-Pots only control Pans.

Plug-ins and Sends cannot currently be controlled via MCU in LUNA.



In SSL 360° choose 'Logic or Studio One' as the profile


All basic controls are available, including automation.

Plug-ins cannot be controlled.

Reaper supports MCU and HUI.


Digital Performer

In SSL 360° choose 'Logic or Studio One' as the profile


Faders, pans, and channel banking only.


Sequoia and Samplitude

In SSL 360° choose 'Logic or Studio One' as the profile


Runs normally according to current observation.


Adobe Premier Pro

In SSL 360° choose 'Logic or Studio One' as the profile


Basic controls are available including transport, pan, banking, metering, mute/solo/record arm, fader values (I/O V-Pot switch on), and pan values (pan switch on).


FL Studio

In SSL 360° choose 'Logic or Studio One' as the profile


Faders follow the select function but the screens do not show the channel information past the first 8 channels.

No plug-in control.




Bitwig supports MCU, but has not been tested.



Not tested, should work with other profiles.



Cakewalk is not supported.


UF8 and LUNA

In LUNA 1.2 Universal Audio introduced MCU control. Although there is currently no dedicated profile for LUNA in SSL 360°, UA did develop and test their MCU control using a UF8 set to 'Logic Pro'.

Currently V-Pots are restricted to controlling PAN but UA plans to develop their MCU control further in the future. UA are encouraging users to use the Feedback button located in the top-right corner of the LUNA window to submit their requests for additional MCU features.



Set SSL 360° to 'Logic Pro' on a LAYER.



If you would like to use LUNA on LAYER 1 then do the following:



Check the ON box in the left-hand column.


For Multiple UF8's increment the MIDI port each time (like usual) and tick the EXTENDER setup box for all but the first UF8 unit.




The current controls have been implemented by UA for their MCU control. For more detailed information, visit the UA website.



Select Keys

Mute (Cut)


Bank Keys 

CHANNEL encoder in default mode banks in single channels, CHANNEL encoder in NAV mode navigates timeline.

Transport Keys - Stop, Play, Record, Cycle. Rewind goes to start, Forward goes to end

Automation Keys - Off/Read, Trim, Latch Touch (Write does not exist in LUNA)

F1 - Toggles Timeline/Mixer

F2 - Toggle Spill on Main Bus - spills all channels routed to the Main Bus across the surface

SELECTION MODE set to REC - Channels can be record armed using the SEL key. If the track type is a Bus, then the selection key will behave as a spill function (e.g. spill the tracks going to a bus across UF8).

Shift, Option/Alt, Ctrl and Command modifiers - e.g. Shift + Select to select multiple channels at once

Group - Toggles Grouping on/off.

Undo, Redo

Esc/Cancel, Return/Enter

Cycle - Loop on/off

SOLO - clears solos

MARKER - add marker

GROUP - Toggles selection grouping

Cursor Keys - Zoom vertical and horizontal or with middle button pressed prev/next track (up/down) and prev/next marker (left/right)


UF8 and Eucon Compatibility

Eucon is not compatible with UF8. Please disable Eucon when using SSL devices. If Eucon is enabled, metering and plug-in control will be disabled.


Related error messages: 

  • HUI must be MIDI controller #1 to assign/edit inserts.


UF8 and Sigma

Delta Control plug-ins can be controlled (as can all plug-ins) via MCU from UF8.

The Delta Control plug-in in turn will control Sigma.

Please see the DAW setup guide section in the Sigma Delta manual for guidance on Control Surface setup.

Please note UF8 does not have a dedicated Sigma profile like Nucleus 2, but the above method will work to control Sigma indirectly.


UF8 Compared To Nucleus 2 

Control only - UF8 is purely a control surface. No analogue mic amps, soundcard or monitoring. 


Expandable – A UF8 system can scale from one UF8 (8 faders) to four UF8s (32 faders). Each UF8 added adds a further 43 assignable keys. 


SSL V-MIDI vs ipMIDI – UF8 uses an SSL V-MIDI (Virtual MIDI) driver, which is installed as part of the SSL 360° software. UF8 hardware connects via a USB cable directly to the DAW computer (or via a USB hub). This means there’s no network configuration required, as there is with Nucleus 2. It’s a  more straight-forward setup process for the user. 


HUI & MCU – Both UF8 and Nucleus 2 use HUI and MCU protocols to integrate with the various DAWs. However, many areas of DAW control are improved with UF8, specifically CHANNEL and PLUGIN modes for Pro Tools, which offer functionality above and beyond Nucleus 2.