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X-Rack V1.4/2

X-Rack V1.4/2 added the following new features:

  • Support for XR418 E Series Dynamics and XR425 E Series EQ modules.
  • The right hand decimal point in the seven segment display now lights when a valid MIDI message has been received.
  • Additional features and bug fixes for the XR622 Master module.
  • V1.4/2 is essential only for those with XR418 and XR425 modules. If you do not have these modules you need not carry out this update.

System Requirements:

Windows users should ensure that they have the latest version of Java.

macOS users may need to download and install MandolaneMIDI for Intel or Plumstone for PowerPC from

Drag this file into the /Library/Java/Extensions folder then restart the Mac before running the upgrade utility.


Bug fixes V1.3/1 through V1.4/2

  • The default MIDI controller assignments for the XR622 Master module once again match the documentation (they were previously displaced by 1, loosing ’Mix’ in the process).
  • The XR622 Master module controller assignments are now correctly stored after being reset to default.
  • The current control settings on the XR622 Master module are retained until a corresponding MIDI controller message is received (previously the first valid MIDI message for any control reset all the ’soft’ controls).
  • The XR622 Master module now supports MIDI running status. Previous versions did not respond correctly to MIDI controllers that used MIDI running status, which resulted in some messages being ignored. The main symptom of this was stepping in the monitor and AFL level controls.