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Duende, Logic, and Digidesign DAE

Please note SSL do not recommend DAE.

If Logic is using the DAE driver, AU plug-ins will not be available unless the following method is used:

  1. Go to Audio > Audio Hardware and Drivers > Drivers tab in Logic.
  2. Under the Direct TDM tab, check the enable box.
  3. Logic will now need to be restarted.
  4. There will now be 2 drivers running; DAE and Direct TDM.
  5. Now create some audio tracks in the audio layer of the environment and assign them to the Direct TDM driver.
  6. The Duende plug-ins will appear as Audio Units (AU) in the drop down list on the Direct TDM tracks.
  7. Output these tracks to an aux channel assigned to the DAE driver which will bring these Direct TDM tracks into the DAE mixer.