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Duende Native and macOS 10.5.8

Duende Native V4.0.6 is fully compatible with macOS 10.5.8.

The information below is circa 2011 and related to Duende Native V3.6.6:

We are aware of a possible issue when using Duende Native and macOS 10.5.8.

The symptoms may include:

  1. Plug-ins fail to initialise
  2. RTAS plug-ins not installed
  3. Plug-ins fail AU validation in Logic. The workaround is to check the two boxes for each Duende Native plug-in anyway, then restart Logic. Ignore any warning messages about the plug-ins during Logic start-up. The plug-ins will then appear in Audio Unit>[Incompatible] in the Logic plug-in menu. Note that the plug-ins are still fully functional when used in this way.

SSL recommend updating to macOS 10.6 or using Duende Native V4.