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MADI-X8 downloads

  • Please note, for security reasons, most updates, settings, factory reset, etc, must be changed within the first 5 minutes of power on.
  • After 5 minutes no admin settings can be changed.
  • The MADI-X8 network must be connected before power on.

MADI-X8 Install Guide
MADI-X8 User Guide

Remote app

Mac v1.2 released May 2011
PC v1.2 released May 2011



Attached to the bottom of this article.

New in V1.2 released March 2013

  • Stability and performance improvements
  • Optimised routing changes
  • Fixed an issue with certain paths not being routed properly
  • Fixed an issue with clearing paths not releasing destinations at all times
  • Loading a setup file now restores all System Settings reliably
  • Improved behaviour of restoring Factory Default settings
  • Fixed a rare issue with renaming Paths, Routing Presets and Devices

MADI-X8 requires firmware version 1.1 or higher.


Legacy app downloads

MADI-X8 V1.1
MADI-X8 V1.0 (not recommended)

MADI-X8 V1.1
MADI-X8 V1.0 (not recommended)



Depth 200mm / 7.75" (casing only)  
Height 44.5mm / 1.75" (1 RU)  
Width 434mm / 17.25" (casing only)  
  482mm / 19" (inc’ rack ears)  
Weight 2.9kg / 6.5 pounds  
Power <50 Watts  
Boxed size 320mm x 550mm x 80mm  
  12.75" x 21.75" x 3.25"  
Boxed weight 3.6kg / 8 pounds  
Power IEC320 3-pin, 100–240 Vac, 50–60 Hz, <2.5A
Network Standard RJ45 Ethernet
USB Standard B-type socket on chassis
MADI 1–6 Twin SC type chassis socket, glass multimode fibre 50/125μ
MADI 7&8 75Ω BNC, Zin/Zout = 75Ω
Wordclock in 75Ω BNC, Zin = 75Ω, 3V3/5V TTL compatible
Wordclock out 1–3 75Ω BNC, Zout = 75Ω