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SSL Native (v6.5 and earlier) Release Notes

As of July 2021, the monolithic 'SSL Native' bundle has been deprecated. All SSL plug-ins (including those in the SSL Native family) are available as standalone installers from Support > Downloads and from the SSL Web Store.

SSL Native v6.5 (October 2020)

  • Added uninstaller .app for macOS
  • X-EQ Hold shift to lock frequency of a band when changing gain / Q factor
  • X-EQ Performance improvements at low buffer sizes
  • FlexVerb FFT and CPU performance improvements
  • VocalStrip 2 FFT and CPU performance improvements
  • X-Phase Changing frequency no longer unlinks L&R
  • Compatible with macOS Sierra 10.12 (September 2016) or higher and Windows 10, 8.1, 8, and 7

SSL Native v6.3 (July 2019)

  • Added iLok machine location activation. Previous versions can only activate iLok Smart Key 2 and 3.
  • New X-EQ 2 plug-in.

SSL Native v6.2.1 (maintenance release only)

  • Opening a plug-in window no takes a longer than desirable amount of time to appear on macOS.

SSL Native v6.2 (December 2018)

SSL Native v6.1 (October 2018)

SSL Native v6.0.1 (May 2018)

  • Pro Tools improvements to Channel Strip high pass filter zipper noise on LF source material.
  • Pro Tools key presses (such as enter/return) no longer interact with the plug-in buttons. This occasionally caused the switches in the plug-in GUI to become out of step with the DSP.
  • Logic Bus Compressor version no longer displays as "Invalid" in the plug-in manager. Plug-in operation was always un-affected.
  • Studio One now recall correct settings at sample rates other than 44.1kHz.

  • FL Studio zipper noise and distortion issues resolved for several plugins in the suite. All plug-ins should now function as expected.

For SSL Native v5 installers that will run on an older OS, please find the Duende Native downloads. v5 software will work with v6 licenses.