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The Remote app connects but DAW control does not work

This applies to Nucleus, Matrix, Sigma, Duality, and AWS.

  1. Please note that Remote app functionality and ipMIDI DAW control are not related. They use completely different protocols.
  2. Check your Windows or Mac firewall. Turn it off as a test.
  3. If your computer has a 10G network adapter (Mac Mini), use the 1G adapter; 10G adapters may improperly handle multicast.
  4. The TP-Link TL-SG105 and TL-SG108E switches has been observed to have IGMP multicast issues and are not recommended. You may want to avoid this series altogether.

Some routers and switches participate in Internet Group Management Protocol (IGMP) to optimize multicast transmission.

ipMIDI communicates exclusively using multicast.

SSL devices do not participate in IGMP and as such are unable to indicate that they wish to receive multicast traffic, so the SSL may not receive control data from the DAW.

If you run into this issue, there are three solutions:

  1. Install a simple, unmanaged switch, connect the DAW and console to it, then connect the switch to the rest of your network. Effectively this will isolate the console and DAW to its own IGMP-free switch. If you have Nucleus 2, you can use it's two switched ports.
  2. If you have a smart switch, disable IGMP Snooping on the ports connected to the console and DAW.
  3. In a smart switch, configure a static multicast group containing the console and DAW ports. Allow multicast (ipMIDI) and (Delta Control) to pass between these ports. The Netgear GS108T series is one switch that is capable of doing this. 

Much of this information applies to all ipMIDI devices including Nucleus, Sigma, Matrix, Duality, and AWS. Live and System T can participate in IGMP however.

Please note, some protocols such as Dante may need IGMP Snooping. This tends to only be necessary in converged networks or when Dante transmissions are using multicast mode. Contact Audinate for more on Dante multicast.

Please note that unmanaged switches produced after 2008 usually implement IEEE 802.3az Energy Efficient Ethernet, which is not recommended for large Dante environments. Your mileage with EEE switches and Dante may vary.


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