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Updating X-Rack firmware

Windows 7 and macOS 10.6 Snow Leopard are the last OS tested to support updating X-Rack. In general, Windows has better Java support and is easier to update from.

It is not possible to update with macOS 10.7 or higher.

Windows 8, 10, and later are untested.

On a Mac, Bootcamp running Windows 7 or XP should also work. Windows can run for a trial period without authorization.

1.4/9 is the latest X-Rack version, released 2011.





X-Rack V1.2/0 features and information

V1.2/0 is applicable to X-Rack fitted with only with the XR622 master bus or XR623 four-input summing modules.

Customers without these modules need not carry out this update.

It is important to note that V1.2/0 is substantially larger than previous versions and requires an update to the software installer prior to updating the X-Rack itself.

This means that two updates must be carried out:

  1. The base firmware, xrack_flash.jar
  2. The new software, xrack_v1_2_0.jar

Please run the X-Rack flash update before running the X-Rack software update.