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MadiXtreme & MX4


MadiXtreme Installation Guide
MadiXtreme & Alpha-Link Setup Guide
MadiXtreme Reference Guide

MX4 Installation Guide
MX4 Console Bundle Manual
MX4 & SSL Mixer Manual


macOS downloads

v1.3 December 2011*
v1.2 April 2010
v1.1 October 2009
v1.0 November 2008
*v1.3 is tested and supported on the following equipment:
Intel Mac Pro (HW ID 1,1 or greater) with 2 GB RAM
macOS 10.10 has partial compatibility. Please see SSL and macOS 10.10 Yosemite.
macOS 10.9 Mavericks is the last fully compatible version.
macOS 10.7 Lion 32 & 64-bit (fully certified)
macOS 10.6 Snow Leopard 32 & 64-bit
macOS 10.5 Leopard 32-bit
macOS 10.4 Tiger is not tested nor certified for v1.3. Please use v1.1.
  • Includes firmware V19 with several performance improvements.
  • New MADI Channel Limit (MCL) functionality, set in MadiXtreme Control Panel by clicking on the "MADI Channel Limit" button (reboot required).
    • Pro Tools 9 and 10 can only work with a third-party audio device of 32 channels, setting the MCL to 32 channels on a MadiXtreme will allow this card to work.
    • Limit to 32 channels for running MadiXtreme at 96 kHz.
    • Limit to 48 channels for up to two Alpha-Link.

macOS installation

Extract the zip file.

Double click on SSL MadiXtreme Mac Driver V1.3.

Follow the onscreen instructions until the installation is finished.

If you are updating from a previous MadiXtreme version, please open the MadiXtreme Control Panel after successful installation and check if the new driver could be started.

Certain audio and MIDI services in your system (for example Soundflower, Aggregate Devices) can prevent the successful restart of the new driver, and you may see an empty MadiXtreme control panel.

Please reboot your Mac in this case.

If the Control Panel starts the firmware updater, please follow the onscreen instructions update the firmware immediately.

The V1.3 driver requires MadiXtreme firmware 19 to be installed.

A firmware update requires a complete power cycle to activate the new firmware, so after the firmware update is complete, please power off your Mac.

Note on the new MADI Channel Limit (MCL):
In order to activate a MADI Channel Limit (eg. to work with Pro Tools 10 you need to set it to 32 channels per card), you have to set the MCL to 32 and reboot your Mac when the Control Panel asks you to do so.


PC downloads

The driver below is the latest version of the SSL Soundscape Family Driver.

This driver will also update all other SSL Soundscape devices (MX4, MadiXtreme, Mixpander, MiXtreme, Soundscape) as well as the firmware for the Alpha-Link AX, MADI AX, and MADI SX. Soundscape V6.2 now supports MadiXtreme.

Download PC drivers

v6.2.0.0 May 2012

Alpha-Link Live version 2.12 firmware resolves issues seen when using Alpha-Link 8RMP mic control data with a MADI-X8 router.


System requirements:

  • Windows XP, Vista 32 or 64-bit, Windows 7 32 or 64-bit. MadiXtreme has not been tested on Windows 10.
  • Internet connection for updates and registration.
  • The 64 bit driver supports Soundscape V6 streaming, ASIO 32, ASIO 64, and WDM 64.


Please follow the steps described below.

On Windows 64-bit it is mandatory to update/install the driver "the Microsoft Way" as described. Otherwise Windows may reset certain registry entries to a previous state on each reboot and the SSL device may not work as expected.

Driver installation on Windows 32-bit:

Exit all SSL Soundscape-related software
Extract downloaded ZIP file to a temporary directory
Install the driver located in the extracted folder and run DrvSetup.exe

Firmware update:

After the driver has been updated open the TRack.exe app located in the Ssdrv folder.
Double-click on each MadiXtreme Device. A firmware update will launch.

Follow the on-screen Instructions.

When done, shut down the PC.

Driver installation on Windows 64-bit:

First Time Users:

  • Insert the card
  • Power on your System
  • Follow the onscreen Plug and Play Driver Installation and Choose Driver from the extracted Download Directory (Ssdrv_6_x_x_x)

Driver update:

  • Exit all SSL Soundscape related software
  • Extract downloaded ZIP file to a temporary directory
  • Go to Device Manager, locate SSL Soundscape devices
  • For each entry (MadiXtreme and Mixpander) right-click, select update driver and point to the extracted temp directory


  • After reboot, make sure there is a SSL Soundscape WDM Device present in the category "Sound, Video and Game Controllers"
  • WDM integration - The "easiest" option to tell Windows 7 something about system wide audio devices (WDM) is by right clicking on the speaker icon in the task bar (close to the clock) and selecting "Properties". Now you might not see any device in the lists for recording or playback tabs, right click and select "Show deactivated Devices"... Select the SSL card's WDM device for recording and playback. You can also give it a name (ie MX4).
  • Usage - SSL software needs to be started before streaming will work (SSL Mixer, SSL Soundscape V6, or TRack.exe)
  • On a first attempt to activate the WDM device you may need to switch the SSL hardware to 48 kHz, otherwise Windows may come up with an error message telling you the device is already in use.
  • Please note Mixtreme and Mixpander will not work on Windows 7 with more than 2 GB of RAM.

Firmware update

After the driver has been updated open the TRack.exe app located in the SSDRV fFolder.
Double click on each MadiXtreme device. A firmware update will launch.

Please follow the on-screen instructions.

When done, shut down the PC.


MadiXtreme Windows drivers

SSL Soundscape Family Driver - May 2012
SSL Soundscape Family Driver - August 2011
SSL Soundscape Family Driver - April 2011
SSL Soundscape Family Driver - December 2010
SSL Soundscape Family Driver - October 2010
SSL Soundscape Family Driver - May 2010
SSL Soundscape Family Driver - November 2009
SSL Soundscape Family Driver - August 2009
SSL Soundscape Family Driver - November 2008
SSL Soundscape Family Driver - February 2008
SSL Soundscape Family Driver - January 2008
SSL Soundscape Family Driver - December 2007
SSL Soundscape Family Driver - March 2007


MX4 Windows drivers

SSL MX4 driver & SSL Mixer V7.2.0 - Feb 14
SSL MX4 driver & SSL Mixer V7.1.0 - Aug 13
SSL MX4 driver & SSL Mixer V6.2.0.0 - May 12
SSL MX4 driver & SSL Mixer V6.1.0.0 - April 11
SSL MX4 driver & SSL Mixer V6.0.1.8 - Oct 10
SSL MX4 driver & SSL Mixer V6.0.1.5 - May 10
SSL MX4 driver & SSL Mixer V6.0 - Feb 09