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Nucleus, Sigma, Matrix, AWS and Duality IP address configuration

Background information

Unlike Apple and Windows, control interfaces on Nucleus, Sigma, Matrix, AWS and Duality do not perform automatic private IP addressing / stateless autoconfiguration (169.254.n.n). If their network adapters are set to DHCP and not connected to a DHCP network they will not acquire an IP address and will be unable to communicate with other devices on the network.

Fixed (static) IP addressing

For point-to-point connections (direct connection between a console and computer) or connections through a network without a DHCP server, consoles and DAWs must be manually assigned fixed IP addresses within the same subnet.

The factory default fixed IP address is subnet mask, or in the case of Nucleus 2, subnet mask

Devices wishing to connect in this configuration must be assigned an address between subnet mask

Alternatively, assigning the SSL a fixed address in the APIPA range of 169.254.n.n can be useful, as then you may simply leave your OS set to DHCP and it will use automatic private IP addressing.

Please see your product user manual for instructions on changing the fixed IP address of your system if is an unsuitable address for use within your installation.

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