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How much IO does an Alpha-Link have?

Each Alpha-Link SX, AX, or TX has the following IO:

  • 24 line level analog IO
  • 24 AES, ADAT, or Tascam digital, depending on model
  • 64 MADI IO (one MADI link)

The above figures apply at up to 48 kHz.

At 88.2 or higher, IO count is halved for ADAT and MADI but maintained for AES/EBU.

MADI can operate in either 64 or 56 channel mode.

The Alpha-Link serves as a format converter between analog, digital, and MADI.

The later 1U Alpha-Link MX series has 16+4 or 4+16 line level analog IO.

The order of the analog and digital channels onto the MADI stream can be altered via the frontpanel diagnostic mode.