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Alpha-Link and Delta-Link latency

The latency values (input/output delays) for the Alpha-Link interfaces are as follows:

ADAT interface input: 3 samples
ADAT interface output: 2 samples

AES/EBU interface input: 2 samples
AES/EBU interface output: 2 samples

MADI interface input: 3 samples
MADI interface output: 2 samples

Analogue interface input (ADC): 43 samples
Analogue interface output (DAC): 28 samples

The values are the same at all sample rates.

NB: This means that when two Alpha-Links are connected via ADAT, MADI or AES/EBU, so that the second one provides additional analogue inputs/outputs to the first one, the overall delay for a signal passing from one unit to the other is 5 samples via ADAT or MADI, and 4 samples via AES/EBU (output latency of one unit, plus input latency of the other). For perfect alignment of all the analogue inputs/outputs across both units, a compensating delay will need to be added to the signal path from each analogue input and to each analogue output of the first unit.

This can be done in the SSL Soundscape Mixer software by inserting Sample Delay Line mixer elements as needed.

The latency values for the Delta-Link are as follows:

MADI to HD: 5 samples
HD to MADI: 5 samples