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Alpha-Link AES pinout

There are two pinout standards for off-the-shelf AES d-sub cables, Yamaha and Tascam standard.

The Alpha-Link MADI-SX AES uses the Yamaha AES standard. It is generally compatible with Yamaha, Mackie, Akai, and Apogee.

MADI-SX is not compatible with the Tascam AES standard (Avid, Digidesign, Universal Audio, RME, PreSonus).

Consult your equipment manual for their specific pinout requirements.

The AES pinout of the LIVE and LIVE-R follow the Tascam standard.

The Alpha-Link installation guide features the pinout tables.

Some adapters can be found to connect devices with different standards. The Mogami Gold AES YTD DB25 to DB25 is one such example.

See this guide for further information:

AES pinout guide