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X-Patch Remote app does not find the X-Patch

1) First, check that the two LEDs on the ethernet connector are either lit or flashing. If not, reseat the ethernet cable into the connectors or try another cable.

2) Also make sure that any firewall is either set to accept all incoming connections, or turned off.

3) To help detection when using the X-Patch with a fixed IP address (which is its default mode), and the X-patch connected directly to a Mac, disable other network connections.

For instance:

- On a Macbook, turn off the Airport.
- On a desktop Mac, only use the one ethernet port connected to the X-Patch, turn off Airport if present.

Warning: Once set to DHCP, the X-Patch cannot be detected via a direct connection anymore. So do not switch the X-Patch to DHCP mode unless you have a working network.

4) Ensure the network does not include a Mac Adress Filter or other security feature that could block communication between the computer and the unit. If you are not the network administrator, check with the administrator.

Connecting the X-Patch via a DHCP network router or switch avoids the need to change settings in the computer, and is necessary if you have a lot of devices (e.g. several X-Patches, an internet connection, multiple computers, an SSL console using ipMIDI). To connect via a router, please refer to the X-Patch manual to operate in DHCP mode.