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Alpha-Link firmware history

Alpha-Link firmware can only be updated via the Mixpander PCI card. There is generally no reason to update Alpha-Link firmware.

Alpha-Link AX firmware

V2.3 (v9.hex, 28 Jan 2008)
   - ADAT audio popping problem solved

V2.4 (v10.hex, 21 Feb 2008)
  - AX had locking problems in following conditions :
    96Khz +  Adat-Channel-Status = Use + Adat SMUX = ON

V2.5 (v11.hex, 8 April 2009) has following modifications implemented:
  1) MADI 96Khz High Speed (Frame Pattern) transmitter problem solved.
      This will solve the MADI locking problem that other devices have when working at following conditions :
      96Khz +  MADI Frame Pattern mode + 64channel Mode (or or 56ch mode in combination with vari-speed))
      In the above mentioned conditions, the 'foreign' device sometimes lost lock.
  2) MADI 57th non-audio channel compliant
     Alpha-Link AX can withstand a 57th (and subsequent) non-audio channel
  3) Occasional ADAT output channel shift solved, happened in following situations :
        - working stand-alone
        - Too many MADI channels are routed to ADAT out

Alpha-Link SX firmware

V2.5  (1 July 2008)  (v11a.hex) ## SMS production release ##
  - Sample rate converter ON/OFF selection (option switch #2) is made non-volatile now

V2.6  (31 March 2009)   (v11b.hex)
  - MADI 96Khz transmitter problem in Frame Pattern mode resolved
  - 57th non-audio channel support added for DiGiCo consoles
  - Occasional AES output channels shift resolved
  - introduction of a 3rd option switch, but not used so far

V2.7  (20 May 2009)     (v11c.hex) ## no official SSL release ?? ##
  - Sample Rate 88/96Khz LED flickering problem resolved

V2.8  (5 Oct 2009)      (v11d.hex)
  - Sample Rate 88/96Khz LED indication problem resolved
    (Note : v2.7 resolved the flicker, but introduced a problem that the 88/96Khz LED sometimes did not turn on)