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What is the Duende Native Plug ins Drumstrip plug-in?

What is the Duende Native Drumstrip plug-in?

The Drumstrip plug-in for Duende brings a unique blend of tools to the Duende Native platform, which provides an unprecedented amount of control over the transient and spectral elements of drum and percussion tracks. Manipulation which previously may have been time-consuming or impossible with traditional EQ and dynamics processing becomes elegant and rewarding with SSL Drumstrip.


• Transient shaper capable of drastically changing the attack characteristics of rhythmic tracks. An audition mode makes
for easy setup
• Highly controllable Gate featuring both open and close thresholds, attack, hold, release and range control
• SSL Listen Mic Compressor as featured in LMC-1 with extra functionality
• Separate high and low frequency enhancers provide spectral control not achievable with traditional EQ
• Peak and RMS metering on both input and output
• Wet/dry controls on both the main output and the LMC, allow parallel processing to be easily dialled in
• Process order control over all five sections gives complete flexibility over the serial signal chain
• Latency-free bypass of all processing