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Why is machine-based iLok authorisation not working?

Machine-based iLok licensing is only compatible with SSL plug-ins after SSL Native v6.3 and higher.

SSL Native v6.2 and earlier can only use iLok 2 and 3 Smart Key licensing.

This is indicated by the key and machine icons within iLok License Manager.

Please ensure you have installed the latest version of the SSL plug-ins.

If you are using a non-current OS, you may need to download 6.3 or earlier. For reference, SSL Native v6.3 is the last version that works with macOS 10.11. SSL Native v6.4 and higher cannot be installed on macOS 10.11 or earlier.

Click here to download current and past versions of SSL Native.

To download legacy Duende Native, please find the article on Duende.