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I can only use Wi-Fi in my setup

This article applies to all SSL products that use ipMIDI, not just Nucleus.

If you have no other choice but to use Wi-Fi, you must alter your computer's routing table.

SSL, and some other DAW providers, such as Avid Pro Tools, do not recommend using Wi-Fi on your DAW for many reasons. It is always better, more secure, and faster to hardwire your DAW to the network.

That said, we appreciate there are some scenarios where Wi-Fi may be the only solution.

This article will address using an SSL controller and a Wi-Fi-connected DAW.

There are four options available to you; pick one:

  1. The best solution is to connect the SSL controller directly to a free port on your Wi-Fi access point.
  2. If your Wi-Fi access point does not have enough switched ports, you can add a simple external switch and wire multiple devices to that.
  3. If you connect the SSL controller directly to the DAW computer you either have to manually switch locations or disable Wi-Fi to access the internet vs the SSL, or if you wish to be on the internet and SSL at the same time see the next recommendation...
  4. ...You must alter the DAW computer's routing table. Please see this article for guidance on altering the routing table. Altering the routing table is the only way to make a direct connection between the DAW and SSL work and be on the internet at the same time. This is why we recommend connecting everything to a switch and not using Wi-Fi on your DAW. That said, this will work, but requires familiarity terminal command line.

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