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iLok activation code messages when I open my DAW

Please read below for what to do if you have activation code messages in your DAW.

SSL do not use activation codes when you purchase directly from our website.

Licenses are deposited directly to your iLok ID given at time of order

If you received plugins as part of a hardware purchase, you will deposit plugins to iLok directly within your SSL account, or via a physical printed card included with legacy products.


SSL Native

The legacy SSL Native installer package included all plugins of the Native range.

If you have installed plugins that you do not have licenses for, iLok activation warnings will occur when you open your DAW.

To resolve, please uninstall the plug-ins and reinstall, and do not install plugins you do not have licenses for.


To uninstall plugins

See Uninstalling plugins.


Wrong iLok ID used

Have you purchased plugins with your email address instead of your iLok ID, or have used the incorrect ID? That is why you are not seeing plugins. Submit a request to the Help Centre with the correct information you would like to use. For information on finding your correct iLok ID, see How do I find my iLok ID?



If using the machine-based location licensing, ensure that the licenses are activated on your system within iLok License Manager (machine activation is available for Native 6.3 and higher).

If your licenses are activated to a physical iLok smart key, please check that your iLok smart key is correctly inserted into your computer; this is indicated by a solid LED.

Demo Native licenses

If you are using a demo license for SSL Native, the pop-up may be an expiration warning; closing the window will allow your DAW to continue to open.

Your demo licenses may also have expired, in which case you will need to either purchase the plugin or uninstall them.