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Bus Compressor bulb change video

Before attempting this procedure, please familiarize yourself with the instructions to ensure that you have sufficient time and technical skills to complete the procedure. If you would prefer an SSL engineer to perform the procedure, please contact your local SSL distributor office.

These instructions are intended for technically competent personnel. To reduce the risk of electric shock, do not perform the procedure unless you are competent to do so.

Electrostatic discharge (ESD) can damage electrical components, even if you cannot feel, see, or hear it. Before starting work, grasp an exposed metal part of the console chassis with your bare hand to ground any static charge which you may have accumulated.

Switch off and disconnect the mains supply before removing any panels or modules.

Large capacitors such as those used in power supplies can continue to store dangerous voltages even if the device has been disconnected from the mains. To reduce the risk of electric shock, allow up to 10 minutes for capacitors to discharge after isolating the mains supply before starting work on any high voltage modules.