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Matrix User Guide

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Whether you are an experienced studio engineer or an artist who is relatively new to the recording process, this manual will take you through the full breadth of Matrix functions. Chapter 1 guides you through the process of connecting up and integrating Matrix into your studio. Chapter 2 is a tutorial which provides an overview of the essential operating principles of Matrix, introducing both its analogue and DAW control capabilities, a proportion of which will be familiar to users with studio experience. Chapter 3 then examines the analogue mixing capabilities of the console in more detail. Chapter 4 focuses on the Matrix Remote software which controls a number of aspects of Matrix, including its relationship with outboard equipment. Chapter 5 introduces the operational use of Matrix for DAW control, working alongside the control surface documentation in your DAW’s manual. The Remote is also used to configure and customise Matrix’s control of DAWs, and this is the focus of Chapter 6.

  • Chapter 1 - Installation and Setup
  • Chapter 2 - Getting Started
  • Chapter 3 - Analogue Signal Flow
  • Chapter 4 - The Matrix Remote
  • Chapter 5 - DAW Control
  • Chapter 6 - DAW and CC Configuration
  • Appendices
    • Appendix A - DAW Protocol Lists
    • Appendix B - Technical Specifications
    • Appendix C - Audio Connectors and Pinouts
    • Appendix D - Environmental Specification
    • Appendix E - Software Updates
    • Appendix F - Matrix Support
    • Appendix G - Maintenance