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UC1 General FAQ





Does UC1 work with my third-party SSL Plug-ins?

Yes! As of SSL 360 v1.7, you can use 3rd party plug-ins by hosting them in the SSL 360 Link plug-in.

360 Link is free of charge. Click here for more information on getting up and running with 360 Link.


Do I need to have UC1 connected to use the Plug-in Mixer?

No! You can use the plug-ins and Plug-in Mixer without the UC1 hardware attached!


Tested USB Hubs

These hubs have been tested with SSL equipment:

Anker 4-Port Ultra Slim USB 3.0 Data Hub 

TP-Link UH720 

Anker 10-Port USB Hub 

Startech 10-Port USB Hub 

OWC Thunderbolt 4 Dock 

Caldigit Thunderbolt 4 Dock 

Caldigit Element Thunderbolt 4 | USB 4 Hub 


SOLO isn't working?

VST3 DAWs with Follow Solo and Mute

With the introduction of SSL 360 v1.4 some VST3 DAWs now have the SOLO and CUT buttons in 4K B and Channel Strip 2 control the DAW track’s Solo and Mute (‘Follow Solo and Mute’). See the table below for DAW specific implementation of this feature.


DAWs that do not support Follow Solo and Mute

For non-VST3 DAWs and Cubase the SOLO button on 4K B, Channel Strip 2, Plugin Mixer and UC1 works by cutting the output of all other channel strips plug-ins in the DAW session. It doesn't directly control your DAW's solos. The best way to use the SOLO feature is to place a channel strip onto all the tracks in your DAW session, ensuring that  the SOLO SAFE button is engaged on plug-ins that are inserted on Auxes/Busses/Sub Groups. This will then enable you to use SOLO as intended.


DAW Integration Table

Advanced DAW Integration

Digital Performer 



Bitwig Studio 








Studio One (VST3)


Ableton Live 





Logic (AU)

Pro Tools (AAX)

DAW Volume and Pan control    
DAW Track Colour    
DAW Sends Control    

Synchronised Track Selection



Follow Solo and Mute



Track Number


Track Name


AU/VST Channel Strip 2 and Bus Compressor 2 plug-ins are not showing up on UC1

In Cubase, Studio One, Live, and REAPER AU and VST plug-ins are not supported by the plug-in mixer. 

Use the provided VST3 plug-in formats, as these provide the SSL 360° Plug-in Mixer with special hooks to synchronise the DAW track name and track number. See this FAQ (Studio One and SSL Native) for information about using SSL VST3 plugins in Studio One on an M1/M2 Mac. The above does not apply for Logic, whereby AUs are supported in the Plug-in Mixer.