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UF8 and Logic

Level readings spilling across multiple LCDs

Level readings on the surface (when moving a fader) can spill across 2 LCDs if your control surface is not configured correctly. 

This is a setup issue. You must configure Control Surfaces > Help Tags and disabled ‘Parameter Value’. When in track mode, the fader level readings will not spill onto multiple LCDs. Please double check your settings in Logic, referencing the UF8 User Guide.


Controls surface assignments not working as expected

When connected to a Logic session, lots of controls don’t behave quite as expected 

In some cases, Logic sometimes can automatically identify a control surface, and try to populate assignments for you. However, this is usually not desired, and you can end up with multiple assignments to the same control.

If you find that the UF8 is behaving strangely with Logic, it’s worth clearing the controller assignments using Logic’s Expert view. 

Easy Steps

1) Go to Logic Pro X > Control Surfaces > Controller Assignments...

2) Delete all the items in the left-hand "Zone" column by clicking with the mouse (it will highlight the item in blue) and then press backspace on each one.

3) Go to Logic Pro X > Control Surfaces > Rebuilt Defaults .

This will rebuild the list and should resolve the issue.


Corrupted Control Surfaces Preferences 

This is for those who experience the same issues as above but the steps there do not fix the issue.

1) Quit Logic.
2) Hold down Option as you choose the Go menu in the Finder and select "Library". In there go to Preferences and trash
3) Reopen Logic and set up the UF8(s) in control surfaces setup again, as per the User Guide.

Footswitch does not behave correctly

Play Stop/Start 

UF8 has been tested with popular foot-switches such as the BOSS FS-6 (other brands are available), whose foot-switch behaviour (or polarity as it is often referred to), is a 'normally closed' switch.

In some cases, these foot-switches offer the ability to change the polarity.

Please use a foot-switch designed for 'normally closed' operation and also, to ensure full compatibility use a momentary action foot-switch, or choose a foot-switch that can be set to momentary. This will ensure correct operation with assigned DAW commands.


Smart Controls

There is a way of doing this by programming a keyboard command sequence to a soft key using SSL 360. 
Shift+Option+K (Opens Controller Assignments Window)
'V' (selects 'V-Pots' in the 'Zone' column)
Tab x 2 (2 tabs are required because the first one sets you up to rename the zone and the second one moves the user across a column to the 'mode' selection)
'i' jumps mode to 'instrument' and then a subsequent 's' jumps to smart controls (just pressing 's' goes to the wrong mode) - smart mode is now selected
Option+tab ensures assignments window is returned to the left-hand column ready for next time
Command+W - closes window
'b' (optionally opens the smart controls in the dock on Logic).
You will then be able to open Smart controls on your device via the soft keys across the top of the device.