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Origin User Guide

ORIGIN takes a fresh look at what a large format console needs to do to work in harmony with a modern DAW-driven production studio. The functional design looks back at the ‘ORIGIN’ of in-line consoles for signal flow inspiration, but its circuits are at the cutting edge of SSL’s latest analogue developments. These new analogue designs deliver huge dynamic range and bandwidth yet still have the characterful, pleasing qualities of space and depth that analogue audio breathes on digital audio.

ORIGIN’s simple signal flow and layout make it easy to understand and use, while powerful features such as channel direct outputs, a fully balanced electronic architecture and precision bargraph meters make it a perfect partner for the highest quality convertors and DAWs in the most professional production applications.

A unique and innovative modular centre section allows ORIGIN to adapt to different applications and priorities, whether being used as a purely tracking console with additional boutique analogue additions to the 19” rack centre section, or a very digital/analogue hybrid approach with screens and controllers easily reached from the centre of the console.

ORIGIN offers engineers and producers the tools required for everything from large-scale tracking to hybrid mix down session. Taking sustainability, ergonomics, modern gain-staging and communication requirements into consideration, ORIGIN offers a reassuringly familiar Master Control feature-set with some ahead-of-the-curve functionality.