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Plug-ins Crashing AU Validation in Sonoma 14.4

This is a known issue with Sonoma 14.4. running on hardware with M2 or M3 ARM architecture. This problem specifically impacts plug-ins that are protected with ilok/PACE and are being hosted in an DAW that utilizes AU. This is something that is also affecting other manufacturers plugins as well.

Apple have been made aware of this and their fix is expected in an upcoming MacOS point release. We do not have a specific timeline on this. More information at PACE (ilok) is available here.


Suggestions are as followed: 

- Consider avoiding MacOS 14.4 if you have not upgraded already

- Downgrade your MacOS if this is possible 

- Run Logic in Rosetta Mode. See more information on this here: If you need to install Rosetta on your Mac – Apple Support (UK)

- Use VST 3 versions of plug-ins if this is affecting other DAWS