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Pure Drive Inserts and Sends

  • The analogue outputs on PURE DRIVE also act as insert sends, which can be useful if you want to record your sources with some processing such as EQ or Compression. 
  • The insert returns allow you to take the processed signal back into PURE DRIVE's high-quality analogue to digital converter and record it into your DAW via ADAT, AES or USB.
  • For instance:
    • Connect your microphone to one of PURE DRIVE's microphone inputs, apply the appropriate gain.
    • Take the analogue output/insert send from PURE DRIVE and connect it to an analogue compressor - something like an 1176 is great for tracking vocals - it helps level out the vocal performance and make it easier to mixdown later.
    • Take the output of the 1176 compressor and return it to the Insert Return of PURE DRIVE.
    • Press the INSERT button on PURE DRIVE to change the impedance button on the channel to be your INSERT in/out button. Engage the INSERT using this.
    • Connect the ADAT output of PURE DRIVE to your audio interface such as SSL 12 to record your post-processed signal into your DAW.
    • You can use any of the ADAT, AES or USB connections, it does not have to be specifically ADAT.