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Controlling Send Slots With Flip Mode In Ableton Live

The UF1's FLIP MODE allows you to swap the functions of the V-Pot and Fader to control the Ableton send levels on the fader.

However, it may not be immediately obvious on how to control the different Sends using this method. Specifically, in order to access each different send on the fader, you will need to first disable the AUTO SELECT feature.


Go to the UF1 page in SSL 360 and on your Ableton Live layer deselect the 'Auto Select' box (as shown below):


Back in Ableton Live do the following:

  • Using the CHANNEL encoder on UF1, scroll to your desired track and press the SEL key (the track is selected).
  • Press the SEND V-Pot mode button on UF1 and then the FLIP key to put the send level on the fader.
  • Use the CHANNEL encoder to change which Send level (A, B, C etc) is being controlled by the fader.
  • You can also use the CHANNEL encoder to move to another track but crucially, pressing the SEL key is the action that makes you change track.
  • You will find that the fader is now controlling a different Send but simply use the CHANNEL encoder to pick the one you want again.