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SSL Download manager V1.2.5 stuck loading screen

We have identified that sometimes download manager may not have finished downloading updates despite the GUI showing the update is ready or is stuck on a loading screen. This may cause an error message of ‘X plugin failed to install’ or not allow you to install at all.

Our software team are working in a fix, in the meantime please try the following;

  • Wait approximately 5 minutes for the application download to finish in the background, even though system displays “Loading…”
  • Close and re-open the Download Manager GUI.

We don’t recommend you reinstall, since this might just keep showing the same issue.

If Download Manager still fails to install the plug-ins you can find the individual installers here: SSL and Harrison Plug-in Downloads


In Mac we have had some success with doing the following:

Navigate to library folder / application support / SSL Download manager - and delete that folder. Then deleted the application from the applications folder. Redownload and install download manager and check for functionality.