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UF1 Fader off in Logic and Cubase/Nuendo.

In Logic and in Cubase/Nuendo you may want to turn off the fader moter on ta UF1/UF8 to stop the fader from bouncing up and down when scrolling through a lot of channels in your session.



Logic has an MCU feature that allows you to disable the fader.
You action it by pressing and holding the Ctrl MCU modifier (pre-mapped to soft key bank 5, button 1) and pressing the FLIP button. Do the same again to turn it back on.


Cubase/Nuendo MCU allows it via the MOTORS function. 
To disable the fader motors, press the MOTORS button.To re-enable the fader motors, press the MOTORS button again. The faders instantly move to reflect the current settings
UF8 Softkey bank 4, Key 1
UF1 Softkey bank 5, Key 3