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Free ILOK upgrade for Existing AVA Harrison Plugin users

If you are an Existing AVA Harrison Plug-in user then you are eligible to get a free upgrade to the iLok protection system via the Harrison webstore.

If you do not have an iLok account, register for one free of charge here and download the iLok licence manager software.
  1.  Navigate to the Harrison Store.
  2. Place the Harrison plugin that you are updating to in your cart 
  3. Follow the checkout process Ensuring that you have logged into the store using the same email address that your original Harrison plugin is registered to. This will apply a 100% discount to your order.
  4. When filling out your delivery address the iLok Username section is very important -  this is where the licence will be deposited for you.

  5. If you have an existing iLok account, you can use that account. If you have forgotten your iLok details, you can find the username using this process: How do I find my iLok User ID?
  6. Once you are happy that all the details are correct ensure that the voucher for plug-in has been applied.

    Complete the check out process and  verify the deposit by looking in your iLok account 
This can only be done for one Harrison plug-in at a time. If you have more than one Harrison Plug-in then you will have to repeat this process for each Plug-in

Third party reseller purchases 

If you purchased your plug-in from a third party reseller (Plugin Boutique, Sweetwater, ETC...) and did not require registering your plugin with Harrison then use the Get In Touch button below, providing your proof of purchase from these resellers and your SSL account email address and our support team will be able to aid you in the plug-in claim.