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UF1 and Logic - how do I control any plug-in parameter on UF1's fader?

Logic's MCU control allows you to use the FLIP key to swap parameters like Pans, Sends and Plug-in Parameters to the UF1 fader.

You need to ensure UF1 is correctly configured to be able to control any plug-in parameter on the fader.


In the Mackie Control Setup page in Logic, ensure that Parameter Page Shift Mode is set to 'By One' (instead of 'By Page'). 

Screenshot 2023-08-01 at 11.40.27.png


Once this is configured, you can press the PLUGIN soft key (Soft Key Bank 1, Key 3) to enter plug-in V-Pot mode and push on the appropriate V-Pot to start controlling one of your inserted plug-ins in Logic.

Press the FLIP key and then use the left and right cursor keys on UF1 to move through your plug-in parameters and get the desired one onto the fader to control.

For more information on PLUGIN mode, check out section 15:54 of our UF1+Logic tutorial.