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UF1 and Logic - how do I control any plug-in parameter on UF1's fader?

Logic's MCU control allows you to use the FLIP key to swap parameters like Pans, Sends and Plug-in Parameters to the UF1 fader.

You need to ensure UF1 is correctly configured to be able to control any plug-in parameter on the fader.


In the Mackie Control Setup page in Logic, ensure that Parameter Page Shift Mode is set to 'By One' (instead of 'By Page'). 

Screenshot 2023-08-01 at 11.40.27.png


Once this is configured, you can press the PLUGIN soft key (Soft Key Bank 1, Key 3) to enter plug-in V-Pot mode and push on the appropriate V-Pot to start controlling one of your inserted plug-ins in Logic.

Press the FLIP key and then use the left and right cursor keys on UF1 to move through your plug-in parameters and get the desired one onto the fader to control.

For more information on PLUGIN mode, check out section 15:54 of our UF1+Logic tutorial.


In order to access the plug-in parameters located on the last page on the UF1 fader you must do the following:

  • Use the right cursor key to navigate to the last page of parameters.
  • Go into SSL 360 and turn OFF AUTO SELECT in the UF1 FADER settings area.
  • With AUTO SELECT turned off, you can use rotate the CHANNEL encoder to access each of the last 8 parameters of the plug-in on the fader.

 Please note - by turning off the AUTO SELECT function, UF1 will no longer follow selected tracks in Logic Pro, so the recommendation is to only turn this off as and when needed. Once you have made adjustments to the plug-in parameters on the last page, it is recommended to turn AUTO SELECT back on.
360 auto select.png