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How to use the UF1 without a DAW to Meter the music playing back from Spotify or Apple Music

You can use UF1’s large display to meter audio playing back from Spotify or Apple Music by using applications such as Audio Hijack (or other applications) that allow you to capture your Mac’s system audio, host Audio Unit plug-ins (SSL Meter) and pass the audio through to your audio output device (your audio interface’s outputs).

  1. Download and install the 3rd party application such as Audio Hijack
  2. Insert a System Audio block
  3. Insert an SSL Meter AU plug-in block
  4. Insert an Output Device block
  5. Ensure they are chained as shown in the screenshot below.



6. In SSL 360°, go to the Plug-in Mixer Page and select ‘DAW HOST’ from the ‘HOST’ menu. Programs such as Audio Hijack that aren’t officially supported by the 360° Plug-in Mixer show up as ‘DAW Host’. 




7. Don’t be alarmed that the Meter Slot in 360° has no track name. This is your instance of Meter plug-in that is being hosted in Audio Hijack.




8. On UF1, press the MODE button until you get into Meter mode (button lights yellow). The Meter plug-in instance will be labelled ‘Track 1’


You’re all set to meter your system audio via SSL Meter on your UF1 screen.