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I can’t access some tracks in my DAW session with UF1


This has been solved in SSL 360 v1.6

In 360 v1.6, the default mode of the CHANNEL encoder is FADER SEL. Ensure your UF1 is set to this. 

If the CHANNEL encoder is set to something else (e.g. < > , FOCUS, VOLUME), then push the encoder and scroll until FADER SEL is highlighted. Push to confirm this mode.

FADER SEL allows you to navigate through all tracks in your session (it moves one by one through all channels in the MCU controller bank).

It is essential you configure FADER SEL RANGE in the UF1 page of SSL 360° to match your setup. If you do not, then you may experience odd behaviour.

Screenshot 2023-10-10 at 11.16.55.png


v1.5 Issue

Issues Experienced

In some DAWs, you may find that you are unable to control tracks at the end of your mixer.

Or, if you have a small session with only a few tracks, you may experience that you cannot access tracks using the CHANNEL encoder, until you've added a certain amount.

Ableton Live users in particular may be unable to access Return tracks.



The reason for this is that UF1, by default, is set to look at the 1st track within a bank of 8 tracks. This is indicated by the ‘1’ in the top corner of the small display. 


How do I work around this?

Update to SSL 360 v1.6!

If for some reason you can't, then you have the following options:

Option 1: Add some extra ‘dummy’ tracks to the end of the session to enable you to access all your tracks from UF1. Probably the easiest way to work around the problem.

Option 2: You can press the CHANNEL encoder and choose FADER SEL from the options. When FADER SEL mode is chosen, use the CHANNEL encoder to change the track within the controller bank UF1 is looking at – you will see the number in the top corner of the small display change to reflect this ‘1’, ‘2’, ‘3’, ‘4’, ‘5’, ‘6’, ‘7’, ‘8’ etc. UF1 will now control the chosen track within the bank, based on the number you picked. Once you have adjusted the track in question, you may wish to return the UF1 fader to controlling the 1st channel within the bank and then return the CHANNEL encoder to its default function of banking channels one at a time by choosing ‘< >’ mode.