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I’m a UF1 owner – how do I get the SSL Meter plug-in?

SSL Meter is available for free in perpetuity to all UF1 owners. Please follow the steps below to redeem your copy of the Meter plug-in:


  • Log into your SSL account at
  • Ensure you’ve registered your UF1 hardware. Refer to the FAQs to find out how to register your UF1 hardware if necessary.
  • Click on ‘Get Your Additional Software’ on your registered UF1.
  • Enter your iLok User ID into the ‘Validate Your iLok Account’ form, as shown here.
  • Click ‘Validate’.
  • If valid, the button will change to say ‘DEPOSIT’. If you see an error, please check your iLok User ID is correct.
  • Click 'DEPOSIT’ and the license will be deposited to your iLok account.
  • Open up iLok License Manager to activate the license to your preferred location – either a physical iLok, or a machine.